Love Over It

The unfortunate birth of Love Over It

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Andrew Holmes (a father of two and a bi-racial man) is at his office in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada. After finishing his lunch he scrolls through his social media only to discover a video circulating that confirmed the unthinkable …

the horrifying effects of the George Floyd-related riots (which originated 2,800 KM to the West) started to spread into his, mostly peaceful, part of the world… and then hit him

“If (and when) my children are faced with racism and bullying, what will I tell them?”


The answer…

Love Over It.

... the T-shirt treatment

In a rapid turn of events, Andrew’s message went from social networks to being printed on t-shirts. 

In just 11 days Love Over It

Love Over It
unselfish, loyal and benevolent. The utmost concern for the good of another: such as the fatherly concern of God for humankind or brotherly concern for others.
used as a function word to indicate superiority, advantage, or preference
Anything and everything.

Love Over It is dedicated to the promotion of inclusion, unity, and positive human relation through community messaging, apparel, and action.

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